Saturday, 23 October 2010


In two days time I'm going to (all going well, inshallah etc.) be enjoying a couple of slightly warmer days with significantly more birds in Extremadura! As a very last minute thing my absolute wonder-woman of a mother booked us a flight to Extremadura for the half term. Grazie mille or whatever else it is they say in Italian with a lisp. Photo of a Green Woodpecker today from a quick dog walk around Chiswick house, from an otherwise very unbirdy day:

Taken at full zoom with awkward light, Okay?

Maybe my next post will contain a photo of a bustard? I'm not going to jynx it so I'll only say OH PLEASE LET ME SEE SOME BUSTARD PLEASE I HOPE SO.

If I don't see any at all I'm blaming it on this blog.

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