Sunday, 17 October 2010

16th October, A nice day for photo-ing

Well today (the 16th, I'm backdating the blog already...) was my first day properly out with the camera, I bought a Panasonic FZ45 with *long list of boring marketing talk features* and a big zoom that gives me the ability to take photos of Birds fairly far away. Took the camera down the river and to Chiswick House grounds where I managed to get a couple of decent photos of the few birds I saw. Highlights being nothing/a very obliging Mistle Thrush. Which I will attach to this post in smug pride. Cue photos:

Sexy Mistle Thrush
Sexy Mistle Thrush 2

Also managed to get a picoftheweek-worthy shot of a Goldcrest trying its best to hide and screw up my camera's best attempts at auto focus. I can see getting record shots of the Hume's Yellow-Browed I found in Gunnersbury Triangle today is going to be difficult...

Don't look, I'm not here.
Not to mention the Highlight of the day this morning whilst sat in the garden eating toast for breakfast which was a flock of Fieldfare heading North seen from the house. This was the first of what I'm sure will be many 'Birds in the distance!' moments without my bins to hand but which I managed to get the camera onto, also my first Fieldfares for the year. I'd rather ID them whilst looking at them rather than staring at photos after but I guess that's just what makes me an infinitely more respected pro-birder type guy instead of one of those foul 'tographers.

Real Genuine migrants!
Thoughtful Gull is thoughtful.

Now I promise not all of my blog posts shall be so long and inane... Actually that's a lie, welcome to the realities of patch birding in West London.

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