Sunday, 17 October 2010

First Post!

Well this blog is essentially an attempt to vent my frustrations at the world, talk about birds and maybe annoy Andrew Marr (Thatcherite twunt...). After religiously following a number of (mainly birding) blogs on the net I decided I might as well give it a go but always held back for the lack of interesting photos I would have to post, so I always managed to put off giving it a go. Well I bought a camera for my birthday and now here I am, among the hordes of basement-dwelling, abuse-hurling, occasionally thought-provoking techno-literati known as bloggers.

Hopefully with my camera, new found addiction to late night TV poker and general interest in all things bird-related I'll be the progenitor of some insightful internal conversations in the heads of all my thousands of followers. I'm not holding out.

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