Monday, 9 May 2011

Look! I tooked a good photo!

This photo makes me feel happy and think that perhaps my photography skills have improved a little from never being able to take a photo without making the horizon look like a mountainside. Certainly it's a bit noisy and you could argue that the background's a little too distracting but I really quite like this photo. Decided against noise reduction or sharpening or any of that malarkey.

It was a very photogenic Dunlin I saw by Polzeath in Cornwall last weekend, which I clambered down onto the rocks and braced the terrors of being drowned by the incoming high tide (well that's what it felt like as a city-boy) to get some snappy snaps of. However it's photos like these that I just don't have a clue how to crop it to make it feel more natural, that make me realise I'm still far from a natural born photographer.

Once my exams have quietened down a little I'll be able to post something!

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