Saturday, 28 May 2011

Kite battles over 'Bush

Despite the slightly misleading title this isn't the West London version of an humanity-questioning but at the same time affirming story of a young boy and another young boy of a war-torn country separated by the imagined boundaries of ethnicity. Nor is it a dubious tale of non-corporeal warfare over sexual exploits, for any of the dirtier minded readers (not that I have any readers, Pah!). Instead this is merely the story of the most interesting birdy-related thing to happen to me in the past exam-filled 2 weeks.

A look out the kitchen window whilst spending the morning at the GF's, most helpfully positioned in a road adjacent to Wormwood Scrubs, revealed a big raptor sharing the totally in-existent thermals (it was both a cold and gloomy today, the type that begin adventure stories with an over-enthusiastic sense of irony) with a crow, exhibiting some text-book mobbing behaviour. Red Kite, Shepherd's bush, lazy Saturday morning. Not bad. Fired off a couple of shots (ooh, get me) and got these shoddy results:

Followed by a celebratory Supreme Plus Falafel Wrap from Mr. Falafel in Shepherd's Bush Market. A one-of-a-kind vidya of how these, the best god-damn falafel this side of anywhere IMHO, are prepared is presented below for the enjoyment of Blog customers.

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