Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The one that really never was.

It turns out (surprise surprise) that my sub adult Gull that I thought may be a Caspo was nothing of the sort. I saw the bird much better a couple of days ago and whilst I can see how I ended up with the impression of a bird that really stuck out it's clearly not a Caspian. And clearly is a proper good example of a Herring Gull. Because I'm a big man who'll admit to his mistakes I've posted some photos to show just how much of a whopper this one was. I swear, it looked nothing like this when I saw it...

Actually if I'm being honest it looked pretty much just like that, albeit with a little less head streaking. I think the first photo shows what might have got me all excited and the rest show why I'm a dunce.


  1. the bills thick and the eye should probably be more beady, but you could still probably fool a gull retard like myself if you wanted to string that as a Caspo. It does look a bit interesting ;)

  2. Yeah unfortunately I realised a bit late it doesn't really look jackshit like one!
    P.S. Thanks for the comment :) Haven't exactly been religiously up to date on the blog...