Sunday, 21 November 2010

The downer to normality

For those not wishing to depress themselves any further than the papers, TV, Internet and other media outlets already do so stop reading now, for I am about to begin a tale of distinctly in-Iberian weather, un-Iberian birds and neo-liberal fiscal policy:

HAHA lost the less-dedicated buggers! Other than the fact that yes, I'm unlikely to receive EMA next year; that yes, if I go to University I'll be facing record levels of debt to pay for the enormous cuts the coallition are making to HE funding and that yes, my MP has failed to respond to any correspondence on the issue, other than that, it's been a fairly OK past couple of weeks.

On a Stravaig around Chiswick house today there were a small cluster of Yew Trees that brought in a thrush bonanza, Millions of Song Thrushes (8+), Billions of Redwings (around 10) and a whole Mistle Thrush (1) along with a couple of Blackbirds. All gorging themselves on the delicious berries, which having tasted myself I can confirm do taste like snot of a high liquid content with a hint of raspberry. I papped a couple of the birds:

Straight out of Compton Scandinavia

Woohoo! A migrant bird!

Maybe when I go somewhere where Blackbird is a rarity, I'll really start to appreciate how beautiful they are. It's a bit sad that.

I've also realised that my birding has become almost totally restricted to Chiswick, only when I'm also walking the dog and only when I've got time (see: usually only sunday mornings) I've made a pledge to myself to try and get to some more interesting places and make more time for birding so hopefully in the next couple of weeks this blog should be filled with posts from exciting and exotic places like Barnes, Rainham or maybe somewhere outside the M25. Maybe.

Have a dunnock for farewell

Bloody Artistic.

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